Akron Design & Costume is no longer in the retail and Halloween business. The building has been sold and the rental inventory stored away in another location not well suited for customers.

Due to the current climate of theaters of high schools and universities not being able to do business at full capacity, I will, most likely, not be renting show stock. If local schools have a costumer on board that will pull, fit, and clean, I may make arrangements.

After 40 years, it is time for me to retire and enjoy the falls and springs. It has been an awesome time and I wish someone could or would buy the rental inventory for a continued business.

I will entertain selling show stock, but please know the inventory is stored in a location that has three floors and different rooms involving three flights of stairs!

If individuals wish to purchase any rental stock, appointments may be made after a prepayment TBD is paid by Paypal, venom, or credit card.

I am selling on EBAY as “Supercostumer”, some retail and retired rental stock. The website is able to connect you to a photo library of my rental stock for sale. I am slowly working on updates.

My contact email is costumesinakron@gmail.com which I check every so often, as again, I am semi retired and no longer working under a deadline. Thanks to the many schools and people that have supported this shop in the great Portage Lakes of Akron, Ohio over the years.

Deborah Meredith

Akron Design & Costume LLC